Cairo - 15th May city, Al-Emtedad - Corner 10

School Facilities

School provides a variety of facilities for learning, comfort, recreation, accommodation and access.

The fiber-optic connects every department in the School and provides network and Internet access to pupils and teachers from all laboratories, staff rooms, the library and administrative offices located in the School.


Our classes are equipped with:

  • Smart Boards with a touch screen that permits a dynamic interactive learning environment facilitates the teacher’s control of student activity.
  • Digital projectors.
  • Air Conditioners.

Beyond The Classroom

The campus includes:


The Conference Hall

The conference hall is equipped with sound, stage, lighting and equipment to support school events.

Fully equipped science laboratory

The school has science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) laboratory well equipped for the purpose of enhancing practical applications, demonstrations and experimentation.

A central Computer laboratory

  • Information and Communication Technology laboratory.
  • Students have access to the lab at lunchtimes.
  • Lab is provided with additional facilities and equipment to teach electronics and digital analysis.


The school has a well-stocked library, with an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and nonfiction, resource /reference books, dailies and magazines. Our rich collection of books is updated regularly and students are encouraged to make full use of this facility to develop a love for books from an early age.
All classes have a timetabled weekly library lesson in the library taken by the class teacher.

Two main art rooms

Fully equipped with a broad range of instruments and sound equipment.

Economic room

  • Students know the needs of the body of nutrients.
  • Planning an integrated food meals, and economical.
  • Learn needlework handicraft skills
  • Production of some art pieces
  • Learn some skills of embroidery and knitting

Kindergarten playground

A separate outdoor play area provides a safe atmosphere for our young students. Soft play areas and equipment provide a variety of activities for the students to be occupied.

School Canteen

The school canteen provides a food service during lunch and break times. It offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages. Hygiene and strict quality control of food are regarded as top priorities.

School Transport

Buses are available for transporting students to and from school. A list of charges is available with the school administrator.


Services for Students

Modern Vision Language School is proud to offer international-standard services for students. We foster growth and achievement by enabling our students to get the support they need to reach the goals they set for themselves. And we always aim to offer services that meet student needs.

At this time, we offer:

  • Clinic
  • Full-time physician
  • Psychologist and social worker
  • Health and safety in school and on school trips is always assessed and ensured